Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloweenie.

This was a great, fast + exhausting weekend! We went out to the Chattahoochee Nature Center's Halloween Hikes instead of traditional trick-or-treating & it was a big hit. Arts, crafts, star lab, fires, live music, trails lit with "animal encounters", hot chocolate at the lakeside pavilion, live snake [safe, non-venomous + handler..el kiddo still stayed back a few feet]...okay, you get it. Good time had by all.

Also, I got a lot of changes made here on the site + new stuff worked up at the shop. Many more things coming though! But not tonight. This chica is so plopping down on the sofa to catch up on some Psych*.


Hope you had a great weekend!
♥ -Kat.

*Psych -Netflix instant streaming has become such a guilty pleasure [ooh...+ now, no disc needed with the Wii!]. How sad is it that this is so exciting to me? Anyway. I decided to watch Psych via Netflix &, OMG, I can't stop laughing hysterically. Any proper child of the 80's/ John Hughes fan [yes, like me] would love this. And if you are & still don't like the show, please don't tell me because I prefer to pretend that something is just plain wrong with you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i want that... kamal coasters.

So this morning I was sipping my coffee & going through my emails. These really cute textile-inspired cards were featured on Frolic. Loved the style, checked them out &--ooh--pretty coasters

I can't believe I'm typing this, but these really would make adorable presents for the upcoming holidays*.

*Seriously, I know people that are upset that they're only [only, they say!] half-way through their Christmas shopping.

Monday, October 25, 2010

new stuff.

Color box no. 105 royal purple

♥ -Kat.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

new stuff. site updates [forever] in progress.

I'm keeping this short + sweet because my bum is over working on the computer tonight. 
I'm trying to make some updates to the site, but it's never a fast thing. Since I'm a one-woman show conducting this circus, tortoise-slow is okay with me as long as some progress is made.

As I'm able to work on buttons to add, I'll be phasing out the cardinalhouse propaganda everywhere else. You know, the Etsy-mini + craftcult-mini + Twitter sidebar thing + junk. When el kiddo gets older, I'm sure he'll be able to do this in a snap. haha! But until that time...tortoise-slow by moi!



♥ -Kat.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

is anyone else an impatient perfectionist like me?

WARNING: Mild rant ahead. Turn back now before your household wonders why you keep yelling "Stop your whining!" at the computer.

So I'm suffering from a bout of design-A.D.D. 
I frequently suffer that, so no biggie. But, it's just that I haven't accomplished much this week in the studio besides orders. And, well, yesterday I brought home another 6 fabric books. 
**For those of you just joining the program, go see THIS POST & come back when you're done!**
Back? Ok. We get it, right? Trying to work up the books as I go...yada, yada.

Well, these days I automatically cut away the paper-backed parts from the plain ol' fabric. But, I've been keeping these backed fabric strips. Now that I have quite a few containers of nothing but these babies, I thought it'd be a faboo time to work some up as it should be quick.  [& shh! i know, i know that i haven't finished listing all of the color box necklaces - they're coming, pinky swear]

I want to use these [at the least] as tags for wholesale orders. Everything was going swell. Kraft wrap fused well to the backing + hid all of the writing. The pinked edges turned out great. And it's not that anything went wrong, just requires another tool so that they come out looking right [which ='s another trip to the store].  So, I've decided to wait until tomorrow + whine here. [you know, instead of getting back to listing the necklaces I mentioned earlier...]


So, I'm not accomplishing anything so well today, that I think it's time for dinner, a drink + a movie! Any recommendations!

Have a great rest of your weekend!
♥ -Kat.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i take it back, i want to be darth vader.

tee hee. 
lilliputian pirate spotting.

Sorry, guys. My brain has shut down for the day + this was the best I could do! It's been a very demanding week at the office. I am beyond thrilled that tomorrow is Friday.

ooh, but I did get the newsletter sign-up put on the site. 
Look to your left. 
that deserves a tah-dah. 
sort of.

okay, the shower is calling my name + then bed. 
good night + enjoy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

what to expect this week.

Okay. Here's what's on the program for this week:

introducing a newsletter. 
i hope that this forgives all that i'm about to list below! for those that don't want to hear my ramblings *sorry*, but perhaps just want the juicy things like sales, new stuff updates, etc. well, there you go. it is my goal to get this up and ready for sign up by mid-week [on the site here + facebook page].

i declare [silly] shenanigans. 
- part one. i spy in my red bag. this is a war that a coworker began. it all stems from this freebie red bag that a rep gave the girls in the office. later, i made a smart a** comment, she followed with another...and silliness ensued the rest of the work day. this will be the result of our repartee.

- part deux. a short comic by alex & kat. this is going to feature el kiddo's two most favorite-st subjects in the world. a spider and hot lava. lol- i'm not kidding. he sees spiders like Haley Joel Osment sees dead people! & he often asks about what to do in a hot lava crisis. so, why the comic? to drive you guys crazy, of course! no, no...just kidding. sort of. creative writing [&, well, writing] is where el kiddo gets lazy. i'll go into detail later this week, but this is my way to get him excited about writing up his own stories.

& before you completely stop following me! i don't plan on publishing these two features as a typical blog post [unless you decide you want me to!]. my intention is to set up buttons on the sidebar for each feature + link to separate pages for them.

***ALSO!! more details about the contest to win a color box collection necklace...those guys will be listed this week too!****

new stuff coming this week at cardinalhouse:
bracelets. starting at $15 each. *gasp*


hate the ideas? love them? or merely so/so? tell me about it!
♥ -Kat.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new stuff.

 I'm definitely still here, but I've been super-busy in the studio working on the new Color Box pieces. Soon I'll be introducing some fun new features [including a contest/giveaway!]. 

But for now, take a peek at a few new things.



Hope you like them as much as I'm enjoying making them!

♥ -Kat.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

studious reflection. color box concept illustrated.

Need I say more?

Although, it just dawned on me that I should turn the markers around so I don't get into trouble. I'm sure it could be some legal snafu...Not that I command that much attention; it's just I want the Color Box line to make Prismacolor weep, not sue!

I'm making the other style rose too, so don't fret if you prefer those. Also, the exact beads will be tweaked [color + size] as I continue. The collection will come standard on SP chain, but I think I will offer them in sterling also after the next supply order.


How great are these?! I'm so excited. In all avenues of design [fashion, interior, arts/graphic]...I have a love affair of textured neutrals as a base with a streak of rich saturated color. So these make perfect trimmings!

Is there a certain color you'd like to see here?
♥ -Kat.

Update: haha, this reminds me of a corporate design project I did years ago back in school. The project was for a young, modern graphic design firm + my concept was inspired by the whole print process. Guess what the colors were? uh huh..cyan, yellow, magenta [smirks] 

Friday, October 8, 2010

weekend deal. extra 10% off clearance items at cardinalhouse on etsy.

So I'm trying out that new Etsy On Sale featured I mentioned yesterday. This weekend only, extra 10% off clearance items at cardinalhouse! Prices as marked, so no waiting for a discount refund back via PayPal! Yippee! 

Choose from items shown + find more styles on sale here.


Enjoy + have a fabulous weekend!

♥ - Kat.

UPDATE 10.08.10: So the Etsy On Sale feature doesn't have all of the kinks worked out. I have a lot of items to [re]post that are direct-to-clearance...but the app isn't picking up on them. Or perhaps I should try out some patience. ;)

If you see something you're interested in that doesn't have "WEEKEND SPECIAL" before "SALE" in the title, for now I can give the difference back the old-fashioned way via PayPal. [sigh]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

studious reflection. new etsy applications.

Okay, I can't tell you how many gripes I've made on the forum + blogs about Etsy getting on board with some discount code feature for sales. So this new "Etsy On Sale" site/application great. Almost perfect. I sometimes offer a discount for repeat buyers, so I'd still like the ability of a discount code...but I'll deal!

It's an easy way to put a bunch of items on a special sale all at once [+ for a specified amount of time]. Sale price shows up automatically + the customers don't have to wait for a refund back through PayPal. Yippee! 

The site itself is very basic + isn't set up for searches AND limited to browsing through the top tier categories only. So, once this site picks up momentum, it's going to be super crowded. Now, it's new, so new features could very well be in the works. 


So the other recent new application is from, the same site that will send sellers email notifications when an item hits Etsy's front page [thank you].

This new application took longer than I thought it would to show up on the scene, but the wait is over [she hesitantly says]. The Clockbot is ready to use. This app lets a seller schedule listing renewels automatically. Uh huh, you could sit there and plan out the next few days' worth of renewels + be busy doing somethig else. 

Really, I have mixed feelings about this. I can't tell you how many times I've wished for this since I'm swamped at the office + can't sneak on the Etsy to renew items [ssh!]. BUT. For those that do have the time [+ money] to sit + plan out a neverending constant 24/7 schedule of renewals will. I can just imagine it items are forever destined to sit back on page 463 + 1039. FOREVER. Etsy gone spam.


haha. oh well. I'll figure something out!

So what do you think about the new features, both as sellers and customers?

♥ -Kat.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

studious reflection. color box collection in progress.

Today has been a fabulous day along the Chattahoochee. Sun out + a nice breeze...I love it! 

I knew we had a lot of errands to run and that the first task would cause a certain little man to be bored out of his mind! So, we had a great relaxed brunch at J. Christopher's. My bribe of bacon, eggs, french toast, fresh fruit + juice worked wonders because he was an perfect gentleman at the fabric store. Not the first "I'm bored"! Color me wowed!

Right. the fabrics and beads. So, I've wanted to do a color box collection inspired by the brightly colored beads that my grandmother adored. But, most of the fabric books that I bring home from work are patterned + intended for hotel interiors. In other words, not too much hot pink, lemon yellow or royal purple!

I didn't find fabrics to go with all of the sample beads that I brought, but it's enough to get the collection going. The perfect orange eluded me today. I'll probably have to order that fabric through work because what I've seen local goes from rusty orange to shocking [almost neon] orange.

Oh, and the basic idea for the color box collection is similar to the all orange. Like-color flowers with the like-color beads. Some mixing going along, but no Edie desserts*. Too many bright colors all at once make my head hurt!

Do you have a favorite color combo? 
[crazy or not!]
 I can't wait to work up purple flowers!

♥ -Kat.

*Edie desserts - My fam used to meet up + eat out at a buffet-type restaurant every so often. And my grandmother came up with the CRAZIEST dessert combos. It honestly became the night's finale with us making bets as to what combo she would come up with that night. It also became a running gag between my mom + me that carried over into Edie's crafts. She luved hot pink, bright blue, lavender, lime green + orange. She just knew that those colors looked great in any combo.  
:} haha --- she was an absolute hoot!

Friday, October 1, 2010

new stuff. a few new beauties.

hand sewn flower,
vintage beads,
hand linked beaded chain,
16" long with 3" extender.


hand sewn flower,
hand linked vintage beads,
16" long with 3" extender.

hand sewn flower,
hand linked lava rock beads,
17" long.


hand sewn flower,
vintage beads,
hand linked beaded chain,
42" long.


Which is your favorite? 
I love the Edith rose!

♥ - Kat.
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