Sunday, August 29, 2010

weekly deal. 8.29.2010 - 9.04.2010.

SAVE 20%* OFF ALL NECKLACES @ CARDINALHOUSE THIS WEEK. Enter "french" into the message to seller during checkout & I'll refund the difference back via PayPal.

This week's sale brought to you by Alex. He picked out the item, the pictures, the discount & also the discount code - so thank him, not me this time! Oh, and if you're wondering about the discount code...he took it from the big honking dictionary on a nearby shelf. Take a guess at the language!

*s/h additional & not applicable with other discounts.


Okay, I gotta go. We need to get the bedtime routine mojo going so the little one is promptly tucked in before nine. I mean, it's Sunday & only two episodes left of True Blood.

♥ - Kat.

new stuff. woodland harvest no 06. necklace by cardinalhouse.

necklace. 17" with 3" extension.
recycled fabric sample book, vintage beads...


♥ - Kat.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

new stuff. woodland harvest collection no 05. necklace by cardinalhouse.

necklace. 17" with 3" extension.
recycled fabric sample book, vintage beads.


♥ - Kat.

Friday, August 27, 2010

new stuff. hair clip - brooch. woodland harvest collection no 04 by cardinalhouse.

hair clip - brooch.


Phew. Well, those guys are at least listed. I've been feeling under the weather the past couple of days & have been going to bed about the same time as little man. Think by 9-ish. Geesh. That's definitely a sign I haven't felt well!

Off I go to finish up a couple of coordinating necklaces that are almost done!

♥ - Kat.

new stuff. hair clip - brooch. harvest collection no 03. by cardinalhouse.

hair clip - brooch.


♥ - Kat.

ART AND INTERIORS: An Exhibition Curated By Habitually Chic's Heather Clawson (PHOTOS)

Great collection! Twombly's art lends itself to be used in so many different venues.

Neutral and sophisticated, as in Aerin Lauder's the colorful and bold, as in the Gramercy Park hotel.

Very well done - congrats!

xoxo - Kat.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

inspired design. cayce zavaglia.

I am at a loss for words this morning. When choosing a field to study or a trade to follow, at some point we all have to decide how far we want to take our training. 

My grandmother wanted to teach me how to create things with plastic canvas and make beaded ornaments and embroider. But my mom wanted to show me how to sew and crochet and cross stitch. Beyond just wanting to climb on top of the school bus or playing princess in the H U G E sprawling azalea, I wanted to paint, draw, take pictures or make jewelry. 

End result? I learned how to do a lot of things, but many of them only at beginning or intermediate stages. And just like deciding how far we want to take our degree, etc...we all have to weed out & edit what studies or trades we choose to really focus on. 

Right, so how does this relate to the picture above & to the left? So, okay, it's a portrait. in NEEDLEWORK! Can you imagine how much time, effort, creativity and passion went into this? Seriously, take a few minutes and browse through Cayce Zavaglia's works. Found via Mary Corbett's Needle 'n Thread

Aren't the eyes amazing?! The depth and life they convey is amazing, but in thread. 
S t u n n i n g.


I hope you're inspired!
♥ - Kat.

[images from Cayce Zavaglia site]

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

new stuff. woodland harvest collection no 02.

Woodland harvest mini-collection of accessories inspired by the approaching autumn - think pumpkin, celery, sage, squash, turning get the idea!

Woodland Harvest no. 02.
Hair clip - brooch.

Hand sewn flower [by me] out of reclaimed fabric* with vintage beads** sewn into the center. Faux leather backing [also reclaimed*] sewn onto the back. I spend a lot of time sewing if you couldn't tell!

3" [7mm] overall width / alligator clip / pin back

* Flower(s) & backing made from reclaimed fabric books. For more info, please see my blog article:

**Vintage beads used are from my grandmother's supplies that she used in her shop. I know because I used to sort & shelve all of these when I was a little girl!


♥ - Kat.

freeze frame inspiration. the ghost and mrs muir.

First and foremost, my love of flowers and gardens began by helping out my grandmother as I've mentioned before. Right? Yep, okay. But I find inspiration everywhere. When I eat out, I am hyper-aware of the interior design. I look up, down & all-around and mutter a critique between bites.  It's a hard habit to kick, trust me.

But that's my day-job. So with the accessories, I love finding inspiration from older movies. I just happen to be watching The Ghost and Mrs. Muir today and saw this sash and thought I'd share!


Happy inspiration!
xoxo - Kat.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new stuff. woodland harvest collection - one at a time it seems.

So, I'd like to claim it as some cool marketing scheme by only listing one thing a day...but I feel the need to come clean & admit that I've just been super busy on the personal front. But I hope things are getting back to routine soon enough. As for the shop, I should have a few more items listed tomorrow & then new necklaces listed later this week. Yea!

hair clip - brooch.
woodland harvest collection no. 01.
 $24 includes US shipping.
every inch is hand-sewn, vintage beads, reclaimed know my drill.

xoxo - Kat.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

weekly deal. 8.22.10 - 8.28.10

This week, my readers save 15% off regular priced items at Cardinal House. Enter "schoolblues" in the message to seller during checkout & I'll refund the difference back via PayPal.

Here's the latest necklace now listed HERE [inspired from the first Rosa necklace I did!]. There will be a limited number available for sale [about 10].


- Kat.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new feature on etsy. suggested seller.

At least, I'm fairly certain that this is a new feature. I never noticed it before. I don't remember Etsy even mentioning the addition with the updated layout info. 

What do you think about the addition of a Suggested Sellers to the Favorites page? I like it!

Happy browsing!
- Kat.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i want that. fore axel and hudson boy's golf inspired clothing.

So my boy heads back to school next week. This year he'll be heading to school uniform-style. I'm okay with that & was actually one of the mean mommies that voted for the uniforms last year at PTA. But, even I have to admit that it hurts a smidge not to use "clothes for school" as an excuse for the cutest boys' clothing ever!

You can find Fore Axel and Hudson at various Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus stores - click here to see the list. The story behind the name is cute, although I did come across this line before the scandals came up...but these adorable outfits can't suffer from that!

I love hats & have managed to brainwash Alex into thinking fedoras are the coolest accessory to sport.

However, this brown skull print driver cap is my absolute fav. My pal JP & I both want this in adult size!

And, no, the line is not just hats! There are whole outfits too. See
However, frilly pink little girl stuff you will not find here! But I'd say that it's about time a designer came up with something scrumptious just for the boys! Girls almost always seem have cute things...a switch is nice.

For this post, I say boys rule & girls can drool over these very cool outfits.

♥ -Kat.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekly deal. 8.15.2010 - 8.21.2010. leaves are-a-fallin'

This week at cardinalhouse, buy one get one 1/2 off storewide* for my readers here!
Must enter "81510bogo" in message to seller during checkout. Refund for difference back via PayPal.

Everywhere I turn lately, there's a back-to-school sale here and autumn collections there. I have tried in vain to deny that summer is coming to a close, but I had definite proof this weekend. Leaves scattered on the grass. The leaves are-a-fallin' & I must come to grips that this summer came & went within a blink of an eye.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the mini-collection I've been working on with autumn on my mind. Pic's aren't great, so please excuse them until I can take some real pictures. 
 Oh, & for those of you that were around last fall & recognize the necklace above...I've picked out a similar orange fabric to make a new necklace like it since it was such a big hit.

*buy one get one half off - item of equal or lesser value, s/h extra - offer good 8.15.2010 until 8.21.2010 - offer not valid with any other discounts.


♥ - Kat.
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