Armed with the know-how and an arsenal of vintage beads handed down from her grandmother's business, Cardinal House is the solution of an Atlanta-based designer tired of seeing old fabric sample books being trashed. Or her stab at world domination by flowers, you be the judge.

lol- but, really, Cardinal House is inspired by my grandmother, Edie. She was something like the craft mafia boss of the family! Edie ran her own business, Lienhart Dollhouse, for decades down in Florida. I grew up touring the Southeast working arts & craft shows, visiting the wholesale showrooms and learning how to make my own creations with her.

We also spent a lot of time with her in her garden & greenhouse. All of the gardening inspired so much of her work and, apparently mine too! When I was brainstorming with the reclaimed fabric swatches, flowers were what I kept coming back to.

Within the garden & elsewhere on her property, Edie had placed bird feeders and baths. Her absolute favorite to watch were cardinals. Now that she's gone, my mother & I always think of her when we see cardinals. Hence the name, Cardinal House, in honor of her. It seemed only fitting as without her teachings, I would never have started the shop.

Read all about my eco-friendly practices in the shop HERE>>>

♥ flowers

- Kat.
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