Friday, December 17, 2010

special deal & sneak peek.

Can you believe that Christmas is next week? I think I completely blacked out after Halloween & just woke up. At this point, I'm so far on the naughty list that I'm not sure last minute shopping this weekend can redeem me!

As for as the shop's concerned, I was so over all of the holiday ads before Thanksgiving rolled around. Every time a holiday deal popped in my head, I immediately felt sick. lol- well, let's just say I'm burned out. BUT. I really, really should do something. So, if you're a last minute slacker like me:

Enjoy 20% OFF & FREE PRIORITY MAIL UPGRADE* in the shop this weekend only [12/17-12/19]. 

Enter "SLACKER2010" in etsy coupon code during checkout.


♥ -Kat.

ps- if weather cooperates this weekend, i hope to get some of the new stuff listed [shown above].

*free priority mail upgrade - for US residents only

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

book nook. The Fool's Progress by Edward Abbey.

Hmm. I would start listing off all the categories of people that shouldn't read this book, but that may only leave a dozen or so total. Kidding. somewhat. Let's put it this way, Edward Abbey was very outspoken & quite the environmentalist [in his very own way] not liberal left, but only sprinkles of conservative right.

It's beautiful in a sometimes hilarious, lewd, melancholic & dysfunctional way. The books begins in medias res & has me cracking up with the death of the fridge [main character shoots it]. At first, all of it's hilarious. It confirms that my dysfunctional family has nada on this character, Henry Holyoak Lightcap. As you read on, the funny parts are still there, but it becomes somewhat unnerving. 

It goes between flashbacks from his past to his current journey back home to where he grew up.  So as a reader, you move in this ironic full circle of Henry's life. As someone with the fairly routine background of college/ normal work week/fam [so not Abbey's character], you start to resent Henry & feel that he deserves his downhill course. But then, I start to pity Henry & at the very end of the book just want to see him finally get home. 

Henry is apparently loosely based on Abbey & if you read any biographies of the author...the similarities are slightly unnerving.  The book is not a prettied up version of life. If you want to read about a fluffy view of life, do not read this book. If all you know is city life, you may as well read a foreign novel without a translation because that's how this would read to you. But if you have thick skin & enjoy some cynicism in your literature, take it for a whirl. I'd recommend borrowing from the library, but you can find one to purchase on Amazon* here.

>>>US Residents, follow this link to find your local public library system:

Happy Reading!
♥ -Kat.

*Amazon...just sayin' that if someone were to click this & purchase, I might get a cent or two someday in the future if they don't expire & tons of imaginary people did the same thing.  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

i want [to spec] that... Tucker wall panel by modulararts

I've always loved the textured wall panels by modulararts, but this one simply has me giddy. Don't you want to run your hands over it?!

♥ -Kat.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

catalog inspiration: CB2 let it snow, let it faux 2010

I adore lookbooks + catalogs. I'd love to to one for cardinalhouse, but let's just say I'm not quite there yet! 

I'm going through my current stash & just HAD to share some ideas from CB2's let it snow, let it faux 2010 catalog [find it online HERE]. All images below from same catalog.

Some presentations are somewhat far fetched, like this ladder all strung up with lights, but inspiring nonetheless. It would be neat for a workshop-studio space! Don't you think?

 Okay, while this idea isn't exactly festive, it sure is pretty! See the cube shelving with the color coded trim? I love it! Now, on the other hand, that leaning wine rack scares me silly. There is no way that rack [or wine] would survive my house! 

Another idea that has me salivating is the icing on those cookies. Think of all the possibilities! Rothko and Kandinsky -themed cookies! Ooh- I'm all giddy!

It's hard to tell that this is actually a mirror, but that's not what I'm focusing on here. Look at how the Christmas cards are assembled in a tree-ish shape [err, holiday cards? if you prefer nansy-pansy PC terms]. Just keep in mind that tape may leave residue, so you might want to choose a non-permanent adhesive. You'll be happy that you did after the holidays!

And here a few of my favorite things from the catalog:

 abacus $149.

hopscotch rug $199.

grey gardens bedding $19.95 - $89.95


♥ -Kat.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

distractions. here kitty kitty.

Last week, el kiddo & I were visited by this feline cutie pie. She just jumped up on the patio & spent the afternoon sleeping on the chair. We were smitten, but I couldn't just bring kitty inside in case she actually belonged to a nearby neighbor. El kiddo kept checking the chair for days after &, yes, so did know, just in case. 

Well, guess what made it on our Christmas list. Uh huh. here kitty kitty. We're not strangers to pets, but it's been a few years. 

I've been checking around with local shelters & we might be dropping in later this week or next to meet with a couple candidates. Black kitty on the left is the one I have my eye one, but we'll need to get in there with el kiddo to see how they interact together.

This time of year will definitely bring out the kitty's true character. Tree, ornaments, garland...oh my.

♥ -Kat.
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