Thursday, September 30, 2010

new stuff. peaches and cream tweed flower necklace.

Fleur rose necklace no 05.
limited stock, now listed in my shop.


♥ - Kat.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new stuff. maroon rose earrings.

limited stock, now listed in my shop.


♥ - Kat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new stuff. maroon fabric flower rose + vintage pearls necklace.

hand beaded, pendant necklace. 16" with 3" extender.


♥ - Kat.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

studious reflection. custom inspiration.

So this orange beauty was the end result of a custom order that went out today! I like it. This is actually something I've wanted to do since I have GOBS of these beads [thank you Edie, mom + Bren]...right, loads of colorful beads: orange, emerald green, lime green, hot pink, royal purple, sapphire blue, yellow...

But then fabric reps keep coming into the office pulling discontinued fabric books out of our library! I brought home no less than 15 more books at home this week. I am trying to purge the pat rack out of me, but I just can't stand for all of the fabric books to just be thrown in the trash. Arrg.

So today, I have this internal struggle that reminds me of this scene in Animal House. You know the scene of angel/devil playing good cop/bad cop on his shoulder? That one. One side keeps telling me that I must use up what I have first; the other says that I should just go to the store, buy the dang fabric & make up the pretty necklaces!

Don't I wish all struggles were this mundane?!


♥ -Kat.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

new stuff. woodland harvest collection no 08. asymmetrical flower necklace by cardinalhouse


rosette necklace. 16" with 3" extender.


♥ - Kat.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new stuff. woodland harvest collection no 07. recycled fabric flower rose pendant necklace by cardinalhouse.

pendant necklace. 16".


♥ - Kat.

freeze frame inspiration. cover girl.

Here's a classic flick moment showcasing colorful floral hair pieces. The stills are from Cover Girl featuring Rita Hayworth + Gene Kelly.

These technicolor-tastic scenes are a great visual for a project that I'd like to work on. Good intentions + all that jazz, you know....

But seriously, now that I have un-quarantined my studio [ethics, hacking up a lung in the's just not right]...right..

now, that I can get to work in there...I hope to get started on my Colorbox series. This would be a base collection of the flower necklaces, but also some pieces without flowers. 

Think Crayola, think of these Technicolor shots. More info to come!


♥ - Kat.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

weekly deal. september 21st - 25th.

Beloved readers that are still here with me [bless you!] -- take 15% off your total order* this week at the cardinalhouse shop! To receive the discount, enter "brainstem" into the message to seller during checkout & I'll refund you back the difference via Paypal.

*s/h additional & not applicable with other discounts.

1) "Brainstem"...huh? [grins wide] I've recently introduced my boy to Pinky and the Brain. Including my most favoritest ever animated music video spot including genetically spliced lab mice [say that twice!]: "Brainstem"!!

2) Long time, no see - I know. There have been issues. I'd like to not turn this into a depressing post, so let's just move on k? k! Point is, I'm back. And new stuff will be coming to the shop!

Big thanks & hugs for sticking around!
Newbies, big welcome & hello!

♥ - Kat.
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