Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Children's Book Nook: Willy's Pictures by Anthony Browne

There are a number of books out by Anthony Browne featuring Willy the chimp.  This book, like Willy the Dreamer, isn't so much a story book.  They are very creative & are great for jump starting the kiddies' imagination. Willy's Pictures also seems like a kid-friendly intro into art appreciation.

& who am I kidding?! Alex liked it because Willy's dressed up in clothes painting himself into all these strange pictures & one of the character's name is Buster Nose. Oh, in case you were interested: per Alex, Willy's version of the Mona Lisa is most definitely smiling & ladies can't have trees growing out of their arms for real. Kill joy. He also stopped believing in Santa Claus over a year ago. Thank you, ladies and gentleman...I'm out!

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Happy reading kiddies of all sizes!

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