Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to type symbols with keyboard...earlier post updated

My earlier post about keyboard shortcuts is now updated. I've linked to some sites that could also help depending on your specific computer. I use a PC....Windows XP...

- Kat

Cute animal themed baskets for kids!

So, I'm not typically the gushy type. In fact, unless it's a kid I know personally or is absolutely adorable....I am one the the most anti-norm females about kids. Strange enough, I will go "awwwe" for certain kiddie-geared products (or animals).

These are some nifto kiddie baskets that I found at Hobby Lobby* recently. They would be adorable to hold an inventory of hot wheels or crayons/pencils/markers (just don't tell the boys I used the word adorable).

*The baskets are not available for online purchase, but you can see if a store is near you.

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