Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to type symbols with keyboard...Coffee, Keystrokes & memory loss...oh my!

I know that I am not the only person out there that thinks that they will remember something, only to be muttering profanities hours later. No stickies, no quick voice reminder,'s gone...just until you're about to fall asleep & you remember. Oooooh, that happens to me all of the time. I debate for another 5 minutes about getting up & writing it down this time or stay comfy under the blankets & just go to sleep.

I'll set up a few of these for various topics & update/refer back as more items are added. This particular topic is keystrokes. No expert here, so if you see something that you think should be on the list...write it/comment/don't just sit there! I have a PC; MAC users speak up.

© - Copyright: ALT + 0169 (hold ALT button & type 0,1,6,9--typical for all below)
™ - Trademark: ALT + 0153
® - Registered: ALT + 0174
° - degrees: ALT + 0176 (artisans using glass often talk about temps in their listings)
¢ - cent sign: ALT + 0162
€ - Euro: ALT + 0128

• - ALT + 0149 or ALT + 7
½ - ALT + 171
¼ - ALT + 172
÷ - ALT + 246
☺ - ALT + 1
☻ - ALT + 2
♥ - ALT + 3
♦ - ALT + 4
♣ - ALT + 5
♠ - ALT + 6
◘ - ALT + 8
○ - ALT + 9
◙ - ALT + 10
♂ - ALT + 11
♀ - ALT + 12
♪ - ALT + 13
♫ - ALT + 14
☼ - ALT + 15
► - ALT + 16
◄ - ALT + 17
..........there are a TON of others, and selection will change depending on your particular computer (style, version, etc). these should get you started! (tons of info - tells how to bring up your personal character map) (scroll down)
.........there are even more keyboard shortcuts discussed on the sites above that don't always work on online applications (winddings, etc)...but they work in programs such as Word, FYI
.......Have fun experimenting! You'll find that there can be various ways to come up with the same symbol....


French symbols:
Ç - ALT + 128
ç - ALT + 135
é - ALT + 130
â - ALT + 131
à - ALT + 133
ê - ALT + 136
ë = ALT + 137
è - ALT + 138
ï - ALT + 139
î - ALT + 140
ô - ALT + 147
û - ALT + 150
ù - ALT + 151
« - ALT + 174
» - ALT + 175

German (check in French section above if you don't find the character as there are some similarities):
ß - ALT + 225
ä - ALT + 132 or Ä - ALT + 142
ö - ALT + 148 or Ö - ALT + 153
ü - ALT + 129 or Ü - ALT + 154

Spanish (check in French section above if you don't find the character as there are some similarities):
ñ - ALT + 0241
¿ - ALT + 168
¡ - ALT + 173
á - ALT + 160
í - ALT + 161
ó - ALT + 162
ú - ALT + 163
É - ALT + 144
ª - ALT + 166
º - ALT + 167
Ñ - ALT + 165
~ - ALT + 126

Treasury 3.24.09 the grass is greener...

Annette (spring green flower necklace) featured in Etsy Treasury by flutterbudget - Thanks!

>>>I made into 3 additional treasuries; I'm sorry I didn't post the info sooner. One day I'll actually be able to make my own treasury, but I just don't schedule out my days based on that ability!

Team NorGa reds and pinks by ElephunksTrunk featuring Rosie (red & white pearls) necklace

One small step VIII by joonwalk featuring Create...Art lariat necklace

Blue That Makes Me Smile by clawtreedesign featuring Tiffany Blue chenille fabric covered earrings **price recently reduced, read about it here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...Green article No. 1

So we recently went through a renovation at work & boxes upon boxes of fabric hang sets, etc were put into a showroom used for storage. A coworker was going to take all of it to donate, but backed out. I ended up taking a bunch into nearby schools, but they can't use all of it. It was going to be thrown away unless something was worked out.

*Yes, thrown away - all of it. Ponder on this: take all of the design firms around the world x's all of the fabric, wallpaper, & carpet samples (see pic's here of a portion of our small library at the office). Okay...very few companies offer to recycle these samples & even fewer reps will ever pick up the items. Literally, we have one rep that asks about picking up carpet samples that we don't need anymore. Thousands & thousands of dollars go into making all of these samples/books & the vast majority of them end up in the trash.

Okay, so while I'm not always the "greenest" person out there by far, the huge amount of waste was hard to swallow--especially when paired with a crafty personality. Random note: if you don't own re-usable shopping bags...what's wrong with you?! You can fit a few plastic bags' worth in one & they're much more confortable to carry.

♥11/22/09 UPDATE: How to take apart a fabric sample book? See the demolition at this post!

♥10/17/09 UPDATE: Some of the fabric companies will at least now send mailers to send back memos, but not many.♥

♥10/17/09♥ FYI: No, the fabric does NOT! stay out like that!!! If I'm not working on it, it's out of sight. Although... sunroom (aka studio) may look like a fabric & bead explosion went off on the weekends (but I'm working on it then & that ='s good).

♥10/17/09: sunroom is adjacent to the living room, so the bookcase helps to act as a divider between the two spaces. Umm..I hadn't taken off the labels when I took this picture, but the totes help keep various small supplies handy when you don't have enough drawer space. Also..that's fabric folded on the shelves. This is an older picture---I hadn't finished putting the fabric up there but, again, you get the point!

Save the planet, it's the only one with chocolate!

PS- For those of you that get this...wallcovering. not faux pas

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome back Spring...these necklaces are for you!!







New Items - Nostalgia - Vintage inspried jewelry

Kay Necklace - dimpled pearl & red aventurine


Kay Necklace - brecciated jasper


Green with Envy scarf lariat necklace

Matching earrings also available.


Treasure silver photo frame necklace


New Items - Fabric Covered Button Earrings

Multiple styles available at

Even more styles to come!

More Create...series necklaces

All affordable at $14.50

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My secret fascination...

Well, it's also somewhat morbid. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with planes & ships. Almost all of the men in my family were involved with various branches of the military. I grew up in Italy until I was about school age (father stationed there). Once back in the states, I lived in Pensacola, FL. P'cola is home of the Navy's Blue Angels & the base also houses the Naval Aviation Museum --where every child in the area visited no less than 2-3 times in their school career! Pair those visits with the discovery of Titanic, Spanish galleon in Pensacola Bay, & mysteries of Atlantis....&, well, I was never quite the same.

My Flights of Fancy necklace is doing very well & it seems that I'm not so alone. We all seem to have our various reasons. One of the many things that I'm working on is a sterling silver line with a focus on areas such as flight (personal & military) & naval (personal sea craft & military) & protective services too. However, I want to work on donating a percentage of the proceeds to the respective it is taking a little time to research.

When it comes to the military aircraft & sea craft, my heart's torn. My instinct says that any donations should go to family oriented charities, but part of me wants something to go to rescuing/ re-purposing "decommissioned" vessels & buildings. It just seems such a shame & I know that this is a selfish's just hard in the States, we seem to be so quick to tear down historic structures & scrap vessels that our family served in because it's easier & cheaper.

Forgive my personal rant...I was a member of The National Trust for Historic Preservation back in high school, I actually was able to to get close up encounters with the items brought up from the Tristan de Luna galleon, and I volunteered with the City of St Augustine's Archaeology I'm passionate about preserving our past.

While doing some research, I came across Troy Paiva's night photography taken in various abandoned locales across the West. Please look at The work is beautiful & sad at the same time & visually explains why I feel torn on the subject. I might pick a specific style to designate towards preservation & the others towards family related...but I'm just beginning the research. Will keep you posted.


You know that you're obsessed when....

This past Monday night I was finally settling down to work on some jewelry, the power went out. Well, within 15 minutes after everything went out, I could hear sirens in the distance. That wasn't good & meant that it may be a while for everything to be back up & running. I wasn't quite ready to call it a night & I was very frustrated because I wanted to try out this new idea (no, it couldn't wait until the next day!).

Now, I'm from Florida & have been through my fair share of hurricanes. I keep candles, etc on hand & decided that I would continue on in least for a little bit! Unfortunately, my eyes aren't what they used to be & thought it would be wise to keep my experimenting in the candlelight to a minimum!

I highly recommend keeping the following items on hand in case of a power outage. 1) LED flashlight (+ one for every vehicle). They're very bright & reliable. Check on the battery life once every month so you're not searching for batteries in the dark. Not fun! 2) Battery operated (=flameless) candles. What's not to love about these. They're kid & pet friendly & can be set up in other rooms without supervision. I "stationed" a couple of these in the other rooms so I could navigate around the house easily.
I recommend Candle Impressions flameless candles. They're the mose realistic ones that I've seen on the market. Here's a few of the places that you can get them from.
I bought the 4" pillars from Wal-Mart on clearance for $4 a piece---a steal! They come in a 6" pillar, I believe, at Bed Bath & Beyond. Most of the retailer's will carry the ivory, vanilla-scented version. Don't scoff at the prices if you can't find any left at Wal-Mart. The ones from Candle Impressions at retail locations typically last over 200 hours off 2 "AA" batteries. They're made from wax, flicker just like the real thing, and did I mention are kid & pet friendly!!! I'm a big advocate of these!! We've started selling them to hotels at work (same company as indicated above) &, no, we do not sell to individuals (please don't get mad at me!).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was in two treasuries!

Okay, so I have multiple things to write about. I'll try this one at a time for the moment so I can finish up with laundry, clean up, etc!

Both of them are gone at this point & of course I didn't make a snapshot of the 1st one in time, but thank you to:

12MidnightOils for featuring the Ginger pendant & eklecticexpressions for featuring the Modern Alhambra pendant (pictured - top, center).

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