Thursday, March 17, 2011

garters, art panels & coin purses. oh, my!

Design A.D.D, so what's new? But that's not what's stalling my new products. Well, not exactly. The project that I'm working on has had me sidetracked in the bridal sections of craft stores the past couple of days. I keep thinking how fabu that ivory flower up there would look in the center of a garter. Don't you think?!

Anyways. That's a peek into the [obviously] unfinished prototypes for a bridal project. I just bought the true sky-blue chiffon [background] to make the actual flowers in if approved. 

I feel like I'm partaking in a Cinderella story with this one! And aren't the dresses great?! The bridal gown will be in a pale ivory.

Okay. Off I go to get some other things done. None of which will be the garters, art panels, coin purses or guitar and camera strap designs that keep taunting me. One day, right? Right. ;)


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