Sunday, October 17, 2010

what to expect this week.

Okay. Here's what's on the program for this week:

introducing a newsletter. 
i hope that this forgives all that i'm about to list below! for those that don't want to hear my ramblings *sorry*, but perhaps just want the juicy things like sales, new stuff updates, etc. well, there you go. it is my goal to get this up and ready for sign up by mid-week [on the site here + facebook page].

i declare [silly] shenanigans. 
- part one. i spy in my red bag. this is a war that a coworker began. it all stems from this freebie red bag that a rep gave the girls in the office. later, i made a smart a** comment, she followed with another...and silliness ensued the rest of the work day. this will be the result of our repartee.

- part deux. a short comic by alex & kat. this is going to feature el kiddo's two most favorite-st subjects in the world. a spider and hot lava. lol- i'm not kidding. he sees spiders like Haley Joel Osment sees dead people! & he often asks about what to do in a hot lava crisis. so, why the comic? to drive you guys crazy, of course! no, no...just kidding. sort of. creative writing [&, well, writing] is where el kiddo gets lazy. i'll go into detail later this week, but this is my way to get him excited about writing up his own stories.

& before you completely stop following me! i don't plan on publishing these two features as a typical blog post [unless you decide you want me to!]. my intention is to set up buttons on the sidebar for each feature + link to separate pages for them.

***ALSO!! more details about the contest to win a color box collection necklace...those guys will be listed this week too!****

new stuff coming this week at cardinalhouse:
bracelets. starting at $15 each. *gasp*


hate the ideas? love them? or merely so/so? tell me about it!
♥ -Kat.

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