Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book Nook: Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris

Book #9 of 9 (to date) Sookie Stackhouse Novels, Southern Vampire Series

Background: Overall set in Bon Temps, LA in parallel universe where vampires and humans coexist (& others - werewolves, fairies, etc - remain secret to most humans).
Rundown: The latest Sookie Stackhouse book doesn't dissappoint. All hell breaks loose with the the Fairies. Be prepared - we lose a were, a vamp, two were-panthers, and a fairy.
•Shifters come out of the closet in this book to announce their existance to the world. •Sookie is betrayed & set up for a trap by a co-worker. •Someone might be pregnant. •Remy needs Sookie's help with Hadley's son, Hunter. •Another employer seeks Sookie for her "abilities". •Sookie and Jason's parents were murdered. Flash flood is still technically how they were killed, but not everything is as it appears when dealing with the fey.
Team Eric: •We learn about Eric's maker. •Yes, Eric maneuvers Sookie into a "marriage". They are reacquainted after a brief brawl between Bill and Quinn and have some interesting revelations (...what the witches' curse entailed back in book #4).
Team Bill: •Bill and Niall rescue Sookie from torture by two enemy fairies. Bill poisoned. Sookie reveals that she forgives him & part of her still loves him.
Thoughts: Things that might be cleared up in next book? •Sook/ Eric's sex scene: What's the deal with Eric commenting "this is best" & "this is right"? •Is Dermot still in the human world, or did he cross back into the fae world before "doors" closed? Will he still favor Jason, or try to kill Sook and him? •Where was Eric while Sook was being tortured? Protecting Remy from other enemy fairies (pure theory...no clue)? •What's the meaning behind Eric living "on in Sookie"? •Which flipplin' vamp is Niall referring to, Bill or Eric? "The vampire is not a bad man, and he loves you." It would seem Eric as he and Niall have worked together in the past per book #8, but it was Bill that Niall was with when they rescued Sook....

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>>>True Blood on HBO. Only 3 more episodes left of Season 2. Yea, True Blood is going on to Season 3!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Design Fix: Fiesta-like bowls from Anthropologie

I love Fiesta-type wares .... makes great everyday settings! Check out these great colors at Anthropologie. $30 for a set of 6 bowls!
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