Saturday, July 3, 2010

book nook. crafty ideas for the bride on a budget.

Most of the projects were a bit too "crafty" in my opinion. A lot of the projects felt more like a creative scrapbooking aisle exploded into wedding projects. I liked the simplistic [but lovely] cake ideas best. And there's a great "how-to" section about working with fondant with loads of step-by-step pictures in the back.

The floral projects were inspiring in aesthetics, however I'd prefer to see higher quality supplies photographed versus the lower priced typical craft store floral stems used. Frayed edges make the bridal bouquets look a bit sloppy. Honestly, I'm just not fond of the bridal bouquet as artificial flowers. I want to smell fresh flowers -- there's just no substitution for that. If you want a keepsake of the bouquet, press some of the flowers to keep in a scrapbook.


double duty menu / place card.
I must have my snob-nose on today, because this is the only project that I really liked besides the flower & cake ideas. But I'd prefer this with both pieces the same shape/size [floral piece with name on top; menu on bottom]. Then the decorative brad through both at the top so that the two papers "slide". But that's just me....

bridal bouquet.
okay, okay. no, you can't tell that the flowers are fake & frayed from the scanned image. but, dammit, i want to smell the fresh flowers. translate this bouquet of hydrangeas & snowballs into their real counterparts & i'm in heaven.

floral place seating.
here, put the money into the real flower bouquet above & save on fake [err, artificial] flowers here. 
now! let them eat cake:

this monochromatic, [edible] glitter-dusted cake would translate into so many other great events. lavender & pink dustings for a sweet sixteen... silver or gold dustings for anniversaries [i'm proud to claim that my uncle & aunt will approach their 50th in a couple years--so see, it can still happen]

I would leave off the flowers up top [or, only add a small stem/sprig or two]. and I admit, i'm dyeing [i crack myself up] to see this design with wedgewood blue fondant with the white accents! or, add a light washing of color [edible "paints" of course] to the bows & swags.

I think this is such a simple, yet darling, cake design. It reminds me of my grandmother's old chenille & candlewicking  bedspreads. Most definitely a choice for the romantic.

How simple & fun is this one?! Again, this would translate so well into a impressive birthday cake [diy style no less!].

Inspired yet?
♥ -Kat.

[all images from book]

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