Saturday, October 2, 2010

studious reflection. color box collection in progress.

Today has been a fabulous day along the Chattahoochee. Sun out + a nice breeze...I love it! 

I knew we had a lot of errands to run and that the first task would cause a certain little man to be bored out of his mind! So, we had a great relaxed brunch at J. Christopher's. My bribe of bacon, eggs, french toast, fresh fruit + juice worked wonders because he was an perfect gentleman at the fabric store. Not the first "I'm bored"! Color me wowed!

Right. the fabrics and beads. So, I've wanted to do a color box collection inspired by the brightly colored beads that my grandmother adored. But, most of the fabric books that I bring home from work are patterned + intended for hotel interiors. In other words, not too much hot pink, lemon yellow or royal purple!

I didn't find fabrics to go with all of the sample beads that I brought, but it's enough to get the collection going. The perfect orange eluded me today. I'll probably have to order that fabric through work because what I've seen local goes from rusty orange to shocking [almost neon] orange.

Oh, and the basic idea for the color box collection is similar to the all orange. Like-color flowers with the like-color beads. Some mixing going along, but no Edie desserts*. Too many bright colors all at once make my head hurt!

Do you have a favorite color combo? 
[crazy or not!]
 I can't wait to work up purple flowers!

♥ -Kat.

*Edie desserts - My fam used to meet up + eat out at a buffet-type restaurant every so often. And my grandmother came up with the CRAZIEST dessert combos. It honestly became the night's finale with us making bets as to what combo she would come up with that night. It also became a running gag between my mom + me that carried over into Edie's crafts. She luved hot pink, bright blue, lavender, lime green + orange. She just knew that those colors looked great in any combo.  
:} haha --- she was an absolute hoot!

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