Saturday, October 23, 2010

is anyone else an impatient perfectionist like me?

WARNING: Mild rant ahead. Turn back now before your household wonders why you keep yelling "Stop your whining!" at the computer.

So I'm suffering from a bout of design-A.D.D. 
I frequently suffer that, so no biggie. But, it's just that I haven't accomplished much this week in the studio besides orders. And, well, yesterday I brought home another 6 fabric books. 
**For those of you just joining the program, go see THIS POST & come back when you're done!**
Back? Ok. We get it, right? Trying to work up the books as I go...yada, yada.

Well, these days I automatically cut away the paper-backed parts from the plain ol' fabric. But, I've been keeping these backed fabric strips. Now that I have quite a few containers of nothing but these babies, I thought it'd be a faboo time to work some up as it should be quick.  [& shh! i know, i know that i haven't finished listing all of the color box necklaces - they're coming, pinky swear]

I want to use these [at the least] as tags for wholesale orders. Everything was going swell. Kraft wrap fused well to the backing + hid all of the writing. The pinked edges turned out great. And it's not that anything went wrong, just requires another tool so that they come out looking right [which ='s another trip to the store].  So, I've decided to wait until tomorrow + whine here. [you know, instead of getting back to listing the necklaces I mentioned earlier...]


So, I'm not accomplishing anything so well today, that I think it's time for dinner, a drink + a movie! Any recommendations!

Have a great rest of your weekend!
♥ -Kat.

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