Friday, April 15, 2011

studious reflection. pretty flowers.

Don't you just love this budding [harhar] wall of flowers?!  Yet another project I'm working hard on in the studio.

You might have noticed the lack of new items in my Etsy shop. It's not that I haven't been busy, only that I've been busy in the background. Lately, I've been doing a lot of research & soul searching. I've been putting down guidelines [for me] regarding where I want Cardinal House to go & figuring out the baby steps to implement. I am a one-woman show after all & whether I like it or not, I am definitely not superwoman.

Here's the low-down.
1) I've been spending much more time over at Facebook.  
I like the format- that it's visual & interactive on a more personal level. Plus, now you get notifications about interactions [which I love]. That's where I'll be getting my photo gallery together to browse through current items, sold items, my studio, items sent off to stores nationwide... Right- you get my point?!

2) At this point, I will no longer be posting individual items here on the blog. If I get a collection of items, I'll post a little ditty here, but if you want up-to-date info: Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to Cardinal House shop feed. For the blog, I intend on focusing on more studio info, inspiration & featuring other shops that I love too.

3) Giveaways. I've signed up with an application approved by Facebook to start doing some giveaways. Actually, I will probably start one running next week [hint, hint]. But I'll post about it here too. I'd love to know how many of you are on Facebook too [or completely against it!].
And instead of actual product giveaways, I am going to do a lump sum [$40-$50 to start] gift certificate/credit for my shop.

4) Sales. In general, I'm not going to be marking down items in the Etsy shop any more. Don't fret! Instead, I'll be offering generous sales for my lovely blog readers [hello, you] & fans & followers because you guys are the most awesomist people ever! I've just been slammed with custom requests based on marked down items & while everyone is understanding, I still hate to bum people out. 

5) Bringing Cardinal House goodies to a place near you. Well, there are many parts to this one & I've rambled on soo much already. Perhaps in another few posts?!


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