Saturday, April 16, 2011

i like you. you like me.

i like you. you like me. and here's to new discoveries.
as much as i enjoy rambling about my work & the studio *happy sarcasm*, i really do appreciate all the wonderful people that i've encountered since setting up shop.  

 in this series of posts:
i'll pick out a shop/site that i enjoy, pick out someone from the list of people that "heart" my etsy shop [or follower or fan...], pick out a picture from pintrest or flicker to feature up top, & pick out another impromptu style that i've never heard of before. 

phew. & that's the only time i give that spiel.

i like you.
wardomatic. you were my very 1st heart over 2 years ago now. [Jazz -click image for link]

you like me.
HomeFriedBeads. you hearted me the 1st day that I set up shop. *THANKS* [Easter Bunny Rabbit Focal Bead -click image for link]


something new.
rafya. not sure which i like better: The Pomegranate Necklace or Fly Away Necklace.


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