Wednesday, April 13, 2011

color palette à la rosebuds.

While a was on the phone with a friend, I had this idea of displaying the rosebud earrings as if on a palette for Fabu Face Spa. Of course, I was supposed to drop everything off within 48hrs of this conversation. Lucky for me, my more logical side took over & convinced me to wait until I was all caught up before I tried out the idea. Well, that & my friend already concerned about my lack of sleep.

But isn't it a cute idea?! Okay, so obviously the earrings aren't finished. There is NO WAY I'd ship them out like that [or officially put them up for sale like that]. I'm just impatient & kinda excited & took the picture while all in progress. 

I thought this display idea would be cool on an easel & work as a package sell for wholesale customers [then I can offer replacements ;-) ]. I was thinking of making some smaller palette displays too focusing on specific colorways. 

Yeah, I've never argued with anyone about me needing a life. Or that I'm highly amused with simple things. haha!


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