Tuesday, April 12, 2011

stay tuned.

Can we say yippee?! I just sent off a box of goodies today to The Ruffly Rose in Denver. That makes two new locations in a week! 

But now that all my orders are currently caught up & off to their new homes, I wake up to reality. It's like after you've thrown a party at your house, but you realize now that there's a huge mess to clean up? Yeah. That's me right now. Or, will be me again when I finish up this post. ;-)

And when I put my mind to it, I'm fairly anal. Like the markers below. And notice that most of the beads in the shelves above are fairly grouped by color. Oh yeah, you know my clothes are hung by color too.

No, I won't make you look at a picture of my closet too!


P.S. - Within the next post or two, I'll share what will be happening here on the site & elsewhere with me. Just so you know. Minor [good] changes, that's all!

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