Saturday, April 9, 2011

mega deals for you.

How glad am I that it's the weekend? VERY. 
I was so happy to drop off some of the new goodies to Fabu Face Spa this Thursday & to personally witness the reactions! I constantly receive comments about how a necklace "looks even better in person"...[raises a wine glass] here's to keeping my sanity this year & procuring more stockists!

I'm super excited about some of the styles that I've been working on lately. So much that I want to clear out some of the older-ish items. You know, give the shop a face lift. [trumpets blaring]

If you're not a fan of my Facebook page <<HERE>>,  now's the time to become one!  To start off, I'll be hosting some daily 50% off deals [on top of sale prices] & maybe a giveaway or two. And U.S. residents, that includes free shipping! [Twitter'll see the headline through my Twitter stream too.]

Have I lost my marbles? Perhaps. But I'm okay with that, are you?!

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