Thursday, August 12, 2010

the crafter and the mill. a true story.

Besides the playhouse*, my favorite place at my grandma Edie's to snoop spend time in was the beadroom. Actually, it was an entire building immediately behind her workroom. At least 3/4 of its walls were lined with shelves from ceiling to floor. On the top shelf, lightweight items like yarn was stored. Down at the bottom, fabrics were stuffed into boxes and tubs. Everything in between...beads. Recycled soda bottles, mason jars - you name it - filled to the brim with beads. For a kid like me - it was the jackpot at the end of a rainbow.

So this past Saturday, my mom & I sifted through some of this fabric. I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a story behind the fabric...and there you go, that's my story. Haha - no, just goofing. and yes, I realize I'm not funny. just a nerd, but I'm okay with that.

Okay. Here's the actual story behind the fabric.

When my mother was a toddler, the family lived in the Aiken, SC area. At the time, the nearby mills + workrooms would load up the day's fabric scraps and put them outside the doors at closing. The scraps were free for anyone to come by and take home.

Notice how the pieces of fabric are all cut the same? That's because they were stacked & cut from a pattern press all at the same time. 

My grandmother used the scraps in her various projects. A personal favorite of my mom & me...her quilts.

Those scraps that I brought home Saturday are from the same stock that I learned & practiced sewing on when I was a little girl. Now, I'll work on turning them into something that others will enjoy too. Awe...& there's my gush quota for the day =)

♥ - Kat.

*playhouse - by the time I was a little girl, the playhouse was basically another storage building. However, it's shelves were lined with puzzles, books & games. Almost everything in there had belonged to either my grandparents, my mom, my aunt or perhaps one of my 4 uncles...

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