Wednesday, August 11, 2010

haha..misdirect + requests.

Yikes. I think that I might have fried my brain just a bit unloading the rest of the beads this afternoon. I was about to write the story behind my grandmother's fabrics & stopped upon entering the title. There is still a picture to take tomorrow when the sun pops out again. I'll type up the story then & wing this for now - can you stand it?

I've received a lot of requests lately. Yes, lots about flowers this + that. I promise that there are new things on the way. Actually, as soon as I get done here I'll be going back into the studio to work on a project.

Okay, the other prominent Q I get is about my old Team Eric necklaces [True Blood - that Eric...smoking hot know]. I need to check in on my supplies. And if that's looking good, do one for both Eric & Alcide --Bill fans, you can special request because it just ain't happening otherwise! Ditto that to you Twilight people.

& on that delightful note ;) ...


♥ - Kat.

1 comment:

Kat - cardinalhouse said...

it's back...just listed:

I'll have to place another supply order after this one sells, but I'll continue to make them because I get so many requests!

♥ - Kat.

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