Thursday, August 12, 2010

book nook. the artful bride.

Here's another wedding themed DIY book. You know, I understand wanting to have some fun...but too much kitsch just isn't pretty. period. 
it's true. I'm a bwitch.

Boring? Perhaps, but I don't like to upset the apple cart...too much. Which means that for 95% of people would see it on the straight & narrow, square, vanilla. But 5% would see the hidden jokes in the details. Does that make any sense? Like a kid's movie with subtle adult jokes in the background. I l-o-v-e puns.

Okay. back from that tangent.  
Here are my picks from the book:

Flower Power jewelry set. Would I want it for a wedding? No. But in different color combos, it would be cute for other outings. This looks like some of the designs that my grandmother & I would work up when I was younger...but that can be for another time.

It's cute...Guest Survival Kit. add in some personal touches to it beyond breath mints & a tooth brush & I agree that it's cute.

Okay. I cracked up when I turned the page on these personal- ized undies. Aren't they great?! You would have to have the right group of gals to get away with this one, but I LOVE IT!

If the wedding is going to be a fun wedding...then I think this photo booth candle is a great idea. But, if the wedding is more serious, perhaps this would be more appropriate at a shower or rehearsal dinner rather than the reception.

How much do I love these monkey place settings?! This could only be pulled off with a more casual wedding. I would have to be separated from them because I'd keep playing with them - hahaha.

Another cute idea is this doll house miniature chair place card holder. The miniature name card is in the seat. I know, the picture didn't come out so well, but I'd think some would still need their glasses to see the name in real life. A miniature table is also pictured with "table two" labeled on it...

All images from book. The Artful Bride: Simple, Handmade Wedding Projects April Paffrath, Laura McFadden

Okay, next post is going to go back design. I found this FABULOUS tile company...their catalogs have such great shots that I am going to set up a little slide show [fairly sure about that]. 

I'm off to personalize some undies!

♥ - Kat.

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