Sunday, August 29, 2010

weekly deal. 8.29.2010 - 9.04.2010.

SAVE 20%* OFF ALL NECKLACES @ CARDINALHOUSE THIS WEEK. Enter "french" into the message to seller during checkout & I'll refund the difference back via PayPal.

This week's sale brought to you by Alex. He picked out the item, the pictures, the discount & also the discount code - so thank him, not me this time! Oh, and if you're wondering about the discount code...he took it from the big honking dictionary on a nearby shelf. Take a guess at the language!

*s/h additional & not applicable with other discounts.


Okay, I gotta go. We need to get the bedtime routine mojo going so the little one is promptly tucked in before nine. I mean, it's Sunday & only two episodes left of True Blood.

♥ - Kat.

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