Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday treats. blackened salmon & caramelized pineapple dessert

[image found here by Hallie Burton on Real Simple]

Yum. I wish I had taken a picture before we all devoured dinner tonight. Part of my Spring cleaning resolution involves my collection of recipe clippings. I've made a Springtime resolution that I will really work on testing out those specific recipes & skim out the duds. Lucky me has 3 males that are willing guinea pigs for all of this testing. Alex [kiddie age group], Mr J.D. [30's] & Jer [20 mark] all thought that tonight's dinner was a keeper.

Well, tonight's recipes from the April issue of Real Simple magazine were not duds. Blackened Salmon With Broccoli Rabe and Raisins. I type Yum again. This recipe helps with my pact of eating less carbs [which is sooo hard for a full-on starch--pasta, bread, potato--girl such as me]. While I'm not any where near a big girl--I still fit in some clothes from high school [it's more a matter of style difference from that time]--I'm not getting any younger either. Plus, if any of you have had surgery like me [you know, the kind that ends up splitting most of your stomach muscles...ugh], then you perhaps understand how hard it is to get back to that lovely flat[ter] stomach you once had.

Right, rambling. So, I'm trying to eat less carbs & thought that this recipe for blackened salmon & broccoli rabe sounded great. When I first try out a recipe, I tend to go along with as written. Generally I make my "to adjust" notes afterward & plan to try again later. Not needed for this recipe. Salmon came out great. Okay, I added a few cranks of pepper to the salmon along with the Cajun seasonings...but otherwise, I followed along as is. Well, I was out early this morning & didn't go out to Trader Joe's or Harry's [Whole Foods Market] Wally World & Kroger's both didn't carry broccoli rabe, so I just used with brocolli crowns because el kiddo loves his broccoli.
For dessert we had [from the same issue], Caramelized Pineapple With Coconut Sorbet. 
[image found here by Jonny Valiant on Real Simple]

Again, I followed the recipe spot on & it was yummy. I recommend keeping the serving size small as shown because a little does go a long way. Well, at least I didn't include bread/rolls with dinner...I indulged, so sue me! FYI: I bought the pineapple coconut sorbetto from Kroger's Private Selection.
♥- Kat.

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