Wednesday, April 7, 2010

studious reflection. oh, there's my desk.

I'll keep this short & sweet because I have a date to watch Sherlock Holmes again. Well, I fell asleep about 20 minutes into it the other night [simply because I was beyond exhausted & felt not so great]. We'll see how tonight pans out.
Today was a good day. I managed to get relatively caught back up at work.After listening to the wild tales of laser tag during the car ride home [Spring break travel camp], I managed to get loads of work done at the house. Dishes, multiple loads of laundry, vacuumed all over, general clean up, polished the dining table, finally hung up my map boards/art project [will show + tell another day], dropped off books at the library...well, you get my point. Mucho accomplished.
So for now I'm shutting down the computer, turning off the lights, having a drink, relaxing & will attempt the movie again.



Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

DuhBe said...

I love the feeling of a productive day.

Letherton said...

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Kat - cardinalhouse said...

Today was another productive day, but I'll add more later! Thanks!

Kat - cardinalhouse said...

Oh, I liked the movie....although I've read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories & own the collection. I think the mass public that have read perhaps one or two stories wouldn't quite get all of the nuances.
Plus, who am I kidding? I adore Robert Downey Jr...

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