Tuesday, April 6, 2010

this is a round-up. slacker catch-up time.

I know that I actually accomplished quite a bit over the weekend. It's just that I don't remember exactly what that was. I do know that my personal email is out of control again...
So fewer pictures & brief descriptions of très cool finds. Again, no fences I promise!
  • Woven vinyl iPhone case [tweed-y look...love it!] from the Apple store found here
  • Eddie Izzard's voice for your Tom Tom app found here [one of my absolute favorites for -oh,dear- over a decade now]
  • Villy Custom bike [as in bicycle] online shop / gallery found here [want pink, green, blue, etc tires? they have them!]
  • 31 kid's themed cake ideas found here [personal fav's are the pirate ship cake & purse cake]
  • Very sweet felt lamb pillow tutorial found here [on the purl bee blog]
  • "Teahead Scraps" solo art exhibition from Ric Ocasek [you know, The Cars...Shake It Up, Tonight She Comes, Drive...I love 80's music--no apologies] on display at Cinders Gallery 'til April 25th (Brooklyn)
[pic from Cinders Gallery blog - here]
 Yes! [why yes, I have them loaded to playlists & just cranked them on] 
  • Free vintage stamps download here from Stampington & Company.
  • For those that might be interested: Roman ceiling partially collapses -article here [Nero's Golden Palace...approx. 2000 yrd-old].
  • Haha, check out these foot long sub cupcakes here from Desserts magazine!
  • Recent post here from decor8 blog regarding Samantha Robinson ceramics studio tour...check out the bowls that look like abstract watermelons!
  • huh...I didn't realize the Mayan pyramid site Chichen Itza was privately owned [well, that is until Mexican government purchased it 3/29/10]. That would've made for an interesting debate when I was foused on Latin American Studies at Flagler...oh, well. Article here.
  • This cracked me up! Firemen with...dolls. What great sports to pose for Mimi. Blog post here.
  • Arcade cabinet for your iPad here
  • Fun photo here of cowboy riding bunny atop uncommon goods store in Austin, TX by Jesse Kalisher
  • Got salt? All kinds of très chic salts from across the globe. Somehow, I don't think a salt sampling party has the same effect of wine/cheese/honey/olive oil samplings...
  • Horses on the brains as Atlanta Steeplechase is only a couple weeks away...polo player blanket [from blanket & quite chère @ $795, phew..wool/cashmere blend, but still...]
  • Yes! While on the 80's trip...I read about this, but this article at Habitually Chic blog ties it in great with the movie. The replica Ferrari 250GT Spyder California from Ferris Bueller's Day Off [Bueller...Bueller...] will be auctioned off on April 19th in London.
  • Author Neil Gaiman [love] is the 2010 Honorary Chair of National Library Week [April 11-17]. Article here.
  • Colorful sparrow bird bag clips from MoMA.
Well, that's better. For those of you not cursing my name & still with me, bless you! I really did try not to ramble too much this post.

Enough for now!

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