Saturday, February 20, 2010

Studious Reflection: Mary, Mary, How does my garden grow?

I managed to sew up a ton of flowers today (& a few last night). Quite an accomplishment for me lately (you know, above & beyond work-work, household chores & errands, family stuff...). It was over due. Since December, I've really only made a handful of new items so I'm quite proud. These guys are going to be same kind of necklaces or magnets as before because afterward, I want to focus on some different designs that have sat in my sketch book for a while now.


Yesterday at the office, I spent all day in the fabric library. We're re-organizing & doing some spring cleaning. Good news-bad news, that meant that I brought home a LOT of fabric books/hang sets that were duplicates or discontinued, etc. 

A lot, huh?! The bag on the left had a number of fabric hang sets, too. I need more fabric like I need the flu. So I am determined to make an actual dent in my fabric supply!

2.20.10/ update at the shop: I just finished marking over 20 items on sale for 20% (or more) off! Find them here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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