Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Nook: I, Alex Cross


I, Alex Cross is the latest of the series by James Patterson. If you've somehow never heard of the series, perhaps you've seen the movies based on the first two books in it: Along Came A Spider & Kiss the Girls. Morgan Freeman plays the series namesake, Alex Cross (& I love Morgan Freeman..fabulous actor). And if that still doesn't help, Patterson's Alex Cross is a respected detective in the D.C. area that is constantly thrust into heavy-duty murder cases often involving political scandal. 

The latest book doesn't swerve from the typical formula. Alex's birthday celebrations are interrupted by a phone call notifying him about the murder of a loved one. 
(Note: I read a lot of horror-ish type books...& this murder procedure happens throughout the book. While it doesn't go into serious detail, I still cringed & was glad that I wasn't eating at the time.)
As Alex investigates, he discovers that this is involved with someone high up in the government food chain somehow . Way high up. As in, let's try to cover this up so the public doesn't hear about it--high-up. 


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