Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sock monkey mania...they're back like you wouldn't believe!

1. Greeting card by eurolenscape
2. Pincushions by hoffeeandanuffin 
3. Cuff links by TrixieAndBeever 
4. Sock monkey pirate print by PlushBot 
5. Vintage sock monkey from ZenHen 
6. Fondant cupcake topper by TwoSugarBabies 
7. Shoveling the Driveway photocard by sockmonkeycards
8. Mini quilt by MamaMelLoves 
9. Sock monkey hat by theheadsaid
inspired by:
My friend gave me (for Alex, she says!)  this sock monkey bookmark. Isn't it adorable?! It's not too functional as a bookmark, but it's still great. I believe she got it from Borders or Barnes & Noble, but it's by the Applause division of Russ (they're not on their websites, I checked).

Have Fun!

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