Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whatever your flavor of politics...stay informed.

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While this may seem out of left field for me, but I wanted to share a couple of links to our government since the State of the Union address was just a couple of days ago. Now, I am not going in any deep political topics...nor am I going to discuss sides with anyone here. I just think it's good to check-in & see what all is going on. Also, when a heated topic is plastered all over the papers, web, & 6 o'clock news...I simply like to research a bit more before forming an opinion. But, hey, I'm not everybody...

- links to all current issues with WH's actions, links to other government branches 
While there you can't contact our President after all, you can "directly" contact the VP. Actually, for kids learning about our government, the site explains all of the different branches + history of the WH.

--let me know if you want another flavor added


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