Sunday, January 31, 2010

List of online venues.

 Bursting at the seams with stuff to sell? Well, thanks to scarlettcat, we have quite the list of online venues to branch out to if needed. See scarlettcat's original Etsy forum thread here for various details, opinions & descriptions. I've included suggested sites found throughout the forum thread ('cause I love you all ;] )--at least up 'til page 40.  

Before you get too frantic, some of these are not additional selling venues like Etsy & Artfire rather just show images & link back to your shop. I have included other sites that I didn't see listed. Please leave a comment with any others you want to add!

And as beadedwire points out on page 25 of the forum thread:
You may want to look up traffic on some of these sites before spending much time on them. You can see trafftic on
It is hard to sell on sites that don't get visitors. 

I intend to go through & check out some of these, then help categorize. But you know what they say about good intentions... 

 Happy Listing!

PS- The pic at the top shows the guts of the mini-shop where my grandmother sold her crafts. This was after she passed & a lot of things got piled into that particular building. I'm hiding in the background trying to clear a path, I think! Anyways, that's the non-stop burst of color that I grew up with...kitsch (to me), but oh-so-colorful!

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