Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Treats: Something sweet and homemade for Valentine's Day.

I love baking my own cookies. My friend & I are something like pastry-Nazi's...we like our baked goods our own particular ways & tend to be VERY critical when sampling others' goods. And I'm the less critical of the pair. I will use frozen ready-made crusts at times, whereas she gives me hell. Alas.

Oh yeah...I was getting to how hard it is to find unique cookie cutters. I actually discovered this site when I was searching for fluer-de-lis cookie cutters for this particular picky friend nicknamed Paris--& been going by that before the Hilton sisters were even conceived...I just hope she never reads this or I'm french toast! Off the Beaten Path sells all kinds of cookie cutter shapes (V-day set above here) & a ton of miniature cutters too.

Now, my favorite place to find super-specialty baking  goods is at King Arthur Flour, based out of Vermont. Every time I receive an update in my in-box, my mouth instantly salivates. Check out the recipe for their Lemon Love buns here. Yes, there are all other sorts of yummy recipes on their site. 
Okay, I officially need to go raid the kitchen now!

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