Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Nook: A few more reads...

Skippyjon Jones. Too hilarious! Okay...if you're very cautious & try to be PC, then I warn you this is Siamese cat meets up with the Taco Bell chihauhua's a kid's book, though, so chill out & have fun!Our favorite parts were when Skippito (aka Skippyjon Jones) broke into a little song & dance (clap clap) & I insist that you must sing with an accent & clap (clapp clap)!  We plan on reading the rest of the series & put this one our wish list.

Where's Waldo. My boy loves the "I Spy" books & I managed to get him hooked on the Waldo books! In addition to Waldo, we've made certain to find our "Waldina" & "EVIL WALDO!" in each picture as well. Just so you know...when you spot "EVIL WALDO!", it is quite necessary to shout out "EVIL WALDO!"  Note: Waldina looks like Waldo, except the hair is feminine &, well, Evil Waldo looks like regular Waldo (but) in yellow/black stripes instead.

The Shadow Year. Quick & easy read. I enjoyed it, but the first half of the book was my favorite. It was more humorous to me than suspenseful & there are certain passages that I almost busted a gut. It's a little dark don't expect to get all bubbles & fizz descriptions of days gone by. I could almost hear "Mother's Little Helper" by the Stones playing in the background! It was especially comical having experience with an italian-american family life & remember watching those delightful, "informative" movie reels with little Johnny, Dick and Jane this and that. I don't remember one with little Johnny being mauled by a train, but oh well!

I'm Bad. T-Rex with an attitude (quite Mr. T). It's cute & the boy kept engaged & had fun. Most of it's written with contractions/slang, so this is a book to goof off with & make funny voices (throw in an "I pity the fool..."!). Check out another book if you're looking trying to help your child to practice (proper) reading/pronunciation.
Of course I check in on my vices...preview LKH's next book Flirt here, which comes out next month. Also, there is a preview of the next Sookie Stackhouse book (May release), Dead in the Family, here (link at top of page). LKH's is a typical 1st chapter for the AB series - Flirt will be about AB's necromancy/zombies vs police work based on the preview. Not sure what to think about the SS preview sounds like a downer. Based on the preview, the story could go a number of ways & I guess I will just have to wait until it's released to find out.

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