Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Design Fix: Eucalyptus & cotton blend bedding from Valley Forge Fabrics.

Valley Forge is a contract fabric company that I work with at my design office. One of those lovely benefits of being a designer are promotional freebies. Valley Forge has recently expanded their product line to include bedding using a eucalyptus/cotton blend. Our rep brought a few of us in the office "sample" pillowcases.

Now, Valley Forge's fabrics are sold to the trade only...but I recently discovered that there is a "Shopping" section on their website. It may be that the general public is able to purchase a more limited selection there.

This was my package for trade promotional purposes.

It included samples to show the process from eucalyptus wood chips, into pulp, then spun into fiber, and blended with cotton into fabric.

The samples had a simple, yet elegant neutral tan embroidered design to them.  Pardon me, I didn't iron the pair yet!

So, the hand of the fabric is very, very soft and satiny feeling. They are cool to the touch, so I plan trying them out once after they're laundered & will get back to you. It's too cold to switch from my micro-fiber fleece sets just yet...can't help it! Now, I think I might just want to smell a faint eucalyptus aroma...again, I'll let you know. We'll also break these puppies out if one of us gets the sniffles, just in case!

If you're interested, read more about the sustainable bedding here and browse items to purchase here (bedding and misc.).

>>>>Update 3.04.10: When I laundered them, I could see some issues with this being marketed for hospitality design. Through just one laundering looked like they had visited the washer multiple times. The outcome wasn't terrible, but doesn't look promising for hotels when they are constantly used & laundered. They will definitely need to be ironed too. Just passing along my observations...


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