Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Studious Reflection. Demolition Time in the Craft Room!

So today I brought home 5 more fabric books from the office that would otherwise have ended up in el trash can. In theory, I'm trying to go ahead & use these smaller fabric pieces since they don't yield many flowers. Also, I can determine what's actually salvageable right away & save precious space.

For those of you that don't have easy access to a design might talk to a local Joann's or Hancocks that carries special order fabric/wall coverings to see what they do with their discontinued books/samples.  My son's teacher loves to get some fabric scraps. I've completely overwhelmed them in the past beyond their capacity & that's when I started to accumulate so many at home...& why so much of my jewelry involves fabric!'s my great stress reliever. If you try this at cautious. The staples that hold the fabric books together can cause some real damage. I've learned the hard way...

Typical fabric book

1st round of mega-staples

& more mega-staples

Then there's paper that may or may not come off

Fun stuff, huh?


Jelly Girl said...

This is such a wonderful idea!! Do you think asking a local design firm would also be a good idea? My head is already spinning with so many crafty plans for this...

Kat - said...

You could definately give it a shot. Ask to speak to the design library manager...ask to leave a message or get an email address if they're unavailable when you call. Be willing to pick them up, because they probably won't just send them out to you.

If there is some sort of decorative arts center near you --search "(your city) decorative arts center" online if you're not sure. Commercial/hospitality design firms would be a better bet otherwise as they're more likely to have their own library. We're a smaller firm (only 5 in the design dept), but we still have a decent-sized library:

Email me if you have any questions...I'm happy to help out if I can!

Kat - said...

Actually, here's a decent list of concentrated design centers in US--open to trade only. Check them out online first to see what vendors are there, then call/email. If you're not in the trade, you're not allowed to just show up to most of these places. Generally, non-designers, etc have to get a visitor's pass, so that's why I'd definately advise not just showing up!

Jelly Girl said...

Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely have to check it out:)

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