Friday, April 1, 2011

in progress.

Wow. It's been a crazy week. Craziness in the studio, at home, at the office...whew, am I ever glad it's Friday! 

I've been scheming behind-the-scenes towards getting some Cardinal House goodies to a location in Decatur, GA & *possibly* up to Montreal. But that's another can of international worms & we'll see, right?!

Meanwhile, in the studio I've been having loads of fun dreaming up gardens [and did make a little flower patch]. It's been stormy and positively d-r-e-a-r-y this past week in Atlanta, but I managed to goof off for a few minutes with el kiddo...


I don't like taking pictures & am still fighting [me] about posting more personal info...let's put it this way, I don't even post personal photos on Facebook. But. Baby steps, right? My plan is to start taking pictures of pieces actually being worn too. I think it does add that extra je ne sais quoi to visualizing the product. Eventually, I'd like to work up my own look books [sans moi!].

Anyway. So el kiddo helped me out with a test drive...not too shabby for a kid, huh?! I went in & cropped later [and more edits, yes], but I gave him big high-fives. Next practice session will be out somewhere to introduce taking more candid pic's. Did I mention I can't stand posing for pictures?! Period, even if I'm not the "model". I'll stop ranting now :)

So another idea I've been brainstorming this week is this wall art concept. Obviously, these guys aren't finished. I've done some research & know that I want the frames finished too. *Yay* no, I haven't seen this idea exactly...but there are growing number of hoop presentations & many of the hoops are left unfinished. Now, when they're older frames [or pre-sanded, worn look], I'm okay with them left unfinished. But with new frames like these, I wouldn't want to just ship these out like that. I'm a pain, what can I say. So, the frames will be painted or stained [clear or not], depending on the overall aesthetic.


So, what do you guys think?!

ps- El kiddo & I were carrying on a conversation while he snapped away. We're chatting it up when this bird starts dive-bombing a tree nearby. Haha, some of those photos were deleted, permanently. Baby steps ;)

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