Sunday, March 27, 2011

food fix. easiest breakfast ever. but non-carbies, beware!

So to me, if I'm being honest, the easiest breakfast ever is coffee. Just coffee. I'm trying *promise* to sneak in a quick bowl of cereal or something during the weekday mornings. El kiddo eats breakfast at school -I am not cruel ;)

Okay, so my next easiest breakfast ever. My boss brought into work some sunflower seed bread from Fresh Market & it was pretty great. Next time I went to the grocery, I scoped out the bakery & found this dried fruit [cranberries, raisins] & seed [sunflower, flax] take-&-bake loaf. For less than $2, it couldn't hurt to try.

El kiddo loves it too and he's very picky about his crusty breads. I love this because I can graze on a slice or two earlier in the weekend morning with my coffee, then el kiddo & I can have a typical "meatier" breakfast or move on to lunch a bit later.

Anyways, the details. The dried fruit & seed loaf shown above is from Kroger. The take-&-bake loaves only require about 20-ish minutes in the oven as all the kneading & rising business has been taken care of, which suits me just fine! Slapped with olive oil style butter & drizzled with honey. Kroger also has this olive loaf take-&-bake that's great too! 

Usually, I'd pick up specialty breads from Fresh Market or Harry's [a local branch of Whole Foods], but I've been lazy lately and haven't felt like driving out to either. So I'm glad that the generic grocer has picked up an option too. Enjoy!


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