Wednesday, February 16, 2011

good eats. diesel pizza pub in roswell.

image from Diesel Pizza Pub [Roswell, GA] site online HERE>>>

This is a new favorite casual fare place for us! It's an old converted fire station & still has the garage-type doors that they keep open during business hours. I've been meaning to try it out for a while now, but honestly I thought it was just a burger/hot dog sort of place & so I've passed. We had some books to drop off at the library today [which is just down the street], & I decided to look it up online to peek at the menu. 

Well, if I had only done this months ago!!! It's a family-friendly pub, pizza, sandwich, panini place. And it is y u m m y! Here's the scoop:

THE FOOD. Usually, I veto mac&cheese plates for el kiddo, but they had these mac&cheese bites. Think chicken nuggets, but with mac&cheese inside instead. So I let him go ahead & get that plate which came with fresh cut apple slices [not packaged] & a juice box. Of course, he finished the juice box & apple slices immediately. And he definitely gave two thumbs up for the bites. 

Now, I ended up getting The Off Roader panini. Lol- it's nearly the same thing I get at J. Christophers [the Billy Goat], but sandwich form vs. omelet! Chicken breast, goat cheese, spinach, mushrooms, red peppers with pesto-mayo sauce* on ciabatta bread. It comes with a basic green leaf side salad [think Greek salads almost, with thin sliced red onions, kalamata olives, cucumbers]. It comes standard with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, which happens to be my go-to salad dressing anyway. 

*Pesto sauces at restaurants can make or break it with me. This one wasn't half bad-- it was maybe a touch too much mayo vs. pesto, but they didn't overly slop it on. There's a chicken caprese panini-ish sandwich at Red Robin, but the sauce HAS to be on the side because they looove to slather it on & it's too runny. Mushy sandwiches are not cool with me!

THE SERVICE & "FEEL" OF DIESEL. We came in as rush hour was picking up momentum. There's minimal parking, but it's located in historic Roswell so we just parked down the street & walked over a block. No biggie. You can sit down wherever, just make sure they see you come in if there's just the one waitress on hand like there was tonight. But that didn't hinder service...our waitress frequently checked up on us & there was no serious waiting- all was good. 

Oh, and note that the outside patio seating is fairly low compared to the tables-- so the kiddies & vertically challenged [like me] will need to sit up very tall to reach their food. The kids may need to stand. SO, I'd recommend sitting at the traditional seating inside or at the picnic tables outside instead if this describes you!

It was a little before sunset & the temps started to cool down, but it was too warm for the patio heaters to be turned on just yet. Also, when the weather is a bit warmer, I'm sure they'll have live music outside like they did last year. For now, the steady stream of traffic & local historical charm is your scenery outside. 

Inside, there's still a vibe of fire department with the open garage doors, exposed brick & ducting, concrete floors. But, it's done well. Like the serveware, it's simple and references a more utilitarian feel, but it's all done with a sophisticated nod. And yes, sports fans, there are flat screens mounted. We sat outside, but I think I only saw smaller screens [27"-no more than 40"].

As far as the diners go, it IS family-friendly [I've walked right back out of some pubs that advertise family-friendly, but are more bar regardless of the hour]. We were there around 5:45-6:45 & there were a couple other families eating & a few clean pairs of suits taking in happy hour. Don't fret, think casual relaxed drinks...not smoky loud bar. 


Well, I think I made that long enough!

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