Tuesday, February 15, 2011

eloise suite at the plaza.

Betsey Johnson designed the Eloise Suite at The Plaza last year & I'm curious to know what you think about it. 

I asked around & got mixed reviews. My kid sis [almost 10] doesn't like it. "Too pink" she said. But it seems to be cool with the 6 & younger crowd per some little experts of friends & coworkers. Don't get me wrong, on one hand, I think it's adorable...just sooo not my typical style. And there's no way that I could actually fall asleep in there, even with the hot pink neon "Eloise" sign turned off. But, I guess I'm also not the intended market segment either. Sorry, Betsey...I just can't shake the adult goggles on this one.

Now, the Eloise Suite is not cheap by any means [obviously, *hello* The Plaza]. There is an optional attached suite package for the adults in order to keep their sanity! But starting at $1125 a night & $2350 including the attached suite, would this be worth it for a special evening for your 5-6-ish yr-old girl? 
Feel free to gripe at me because (1) I live on a Wally World/Target/Ikea budget AND (2) would most likely opt for heading out to Disney World/Sea World/Universal, or something like that if I had the spare *ahem* pocket-change. Never mind that this theme sooo does not fly with my son!

**On a sick side note--I'm always surprised when I recognize products out in public or through images. I immediately knew that Sicis was the mosaic tile company for the bathrooms. And because I'm such a pain in the arse & had to know if I was right, I did some investigating and found it on Sicis' site HERE>>>

[top image, The Plaza; remaining images from Hotel Design]


And, because I was just feeling so funky, here's a treasury that I created inspired by the Eloise Suite. Enjoy!


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