Tuesday, January 11, 2011

gift guide. lizzy and darcy. by cardinalhouse.

[go to the treasury HERE]

top row: 
Lizzy and Darcy prints by NanLawson
linen petiticoat by historika
The Darcy Tailcoat by MacheteNSons
Darcy notecard set by thesweetunfolding

second row:
Jane Austen coasters by greenchairpress
rose boot straps, spats by ManoBello
I Am Mr. Darcy shirt by Brookish
cameo necklace by threebirdsdesign

third row:
floral crown by thehoneycomb 
Pemberley digital download by AliceFlynn
sticker by BookFiend
pencil set by bouncingballcreation

fourth row:
greeting card by pearlmarmalade
pillow cover by TwoStrayCats
Mr Darcy's Love Child shirt by littlewakka
Austen puppet card by DearDeerDesigns 

Obstinate, headstrong girls...Enjoy!
lol -Kat.

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