Thursday, August 5, 2010

i want that. feminine + dreamy.

Blooms Summer scarf by Leah Duncan
I'm such an odd girl. I love floral & bird themed, well, anything - but I can only take it doses. This would be one of those doses! Excluding my studio [because that's bona fide man hell - Mr. JD confirms], I have hints of girly things here & there...but nothing overwhelming. 
Right, so the point...

I came across these shops & just fell head over heels in love. Seriously, how great is that floral scarf by Leah Duncan?! Visit her Etsy shop & check out her art [like this great bike print].

& then I also came across lunarbelle on Etsy [well, she put me in one of her serene treasuries - thanks! I guess she came across me first, huh?].  Okay so, again, the point is she makes fabulous jewelry. So much of the jewelry looks the same on Etsy, especially when it comes to the beaded crystal stuff...

...but isn't her stuff is stunning? Her colors & combos are so well done. These are definitely a few of my favorites. Funny, do you think "because it they match the living room" is a good enough excuse?!



♥ - kat.

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