Tuesday, April 27, 2010

travel. ringling museum of art in sarasota, fl.

proud geek moment. 
Can you believe that this building almost didn't make it? And I'm not referring to hurricane-type destruction. The Ringling property underwent years of neglect under the hands of Florida government's care. A theater on the property was actually condemned in the 90's.  But after the estate's governance was handed over to the Florida State University in 2000, the estate is making a comeback. Funding for restoration was secured in 2007 & is open to the public daily now. Read more about the estate here.

So, I'm spotlighting the Ringling Museum because I came across an article on artdaily.org [article here] regarding the latest exhibition: 
The exhibit highlights how the nomadic tribes created these amazing pieces of jewelry essentially as portable wealth. I'm all gaga over the intricacy of the pieces; I think that they are absolutely splendid. I would love to be down there to check it out. 

As a believer in supporting the arts, I shouldn't advise this...but I noticed on the admissions/hours page that the museum claims free admission to the public on Mondays. I'd most definitely call beforehand to confirm if that's still true &/or if there are any specific stipulations.

As a side note: 
I know that the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta also does a free admission day for Fulton county residents [1st Sat./every month...info here]....so I recommend that you check with your local museums about any such deals. 
♥ -Kat.

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