Tuesday, April 20, 2010

studious reflection. how not to drown.

Hmm, so I've slacked here on the blog but I at least did not give you fence collection after fence collection...

Behind the scenes, it's been a mess. I have been slammed at the office [which is a good thing to be again]. Personal affairs have been a bit hectic. And I'm working up some new ideas.

I plan on posting more about the evolution of a couple of the designs because the end result was nothing like what I had originally intended. It's interesting how pieces can morph into something through the creative process. One of those results does make me feel as though I've turned to the dark side.

Bibs. Well, mini-ish bib necklaces. I didn't plan on doing them because I'm over them; they're everywhere. but the colors were soo pretty together. Even now I'm thinking I might try out the rest of the fabric groupings & experiment with the other style I came out with just to not do them [the bibs]. I'll save the rest of this rant for the actual post & would love to hear what you think...

That's all for now. I'm heading back to the studio to work on some more flowers & watch some Sopranos.


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