Wednesday, April 14, 2010

studious reflection. bubble deflated.

I'm a bundle of mixed feelings at the moment. I just sent off an email confirming that I will NOT be participating in a Spring handmade market [hosted by The Paisley Farmhouse] on May 1st. I was sent a personal invite a couple weeks ago [big ego boost, yea & thank you] & have been going back & forth. 
I've recently decided that I'm ready to try out some shows again, but don't have ANY of the basic show needs. No tent, no tables, no shelves/ displays, capito [=s understood]? Niente. Now I have researched some of the basics & could order /ship to arrive before the show...but the perfectionist in me has been in constant temper tantrum mode. 

And I'm beyond stressed with so many things at the moment that I had to put myself in check. I know that they also do a show in the fall, so perhaps that will be a better time for me if I'm not prepared to do other shows before then.
Last week was Spring Break for my boy, then this Monday he was sent home from school with "pink eye". For those of you not here in Atlanta...every parking lot & car in the area is currently chartreuse. Pollen EVERYWHERE. But it's only affecting one eye & that's indicative of pink eye. May the young[er]-at-heart brat in me scream "Whatever!". We did the regimen of antibiotic eye drops & the laundry & the washing & the laundry. Sure, the eyes were a bit clearer, but slow go. 
Tuesday morning. Both eyes bloodshot. School was very strict that he couldn't come back in until he was bright-eyed & bushy tailed [you get the point]. So after a conversation with one of the partners [my boss], it was brought up that perhaps just some good ol' Visine might just do the trick. Later that morning, Alex & I trekked out to pick up some Visine focused on allergies [obviously okay for his age too--do not use this rant as an excuse]. I planned on substituting one of the eyedrop rounds with the basic stuff merely to humor me & my cynicism. 
Okay, so we found some, bought it, came back home.

Have I mentioned that I live right by water? Well, now that everything is in bloom, I can barely see the water. So instead of a view of water past the walkway to the door, we have a thick coating of pollen absolutey everywhere. And do you know what my lovely son did as we approached the front door on his 2nd day off of school for pink eye [remember, a whole week before that for Spring Break]? My sweet little darling takes his index & middle finger of his right hand a wipes off a nice, thick coating of pollen from the rail & says, "Look, Mom!"

Count to ten. [or shoot me]...ugh. We had a mother & son discussion promptly after he cleaned up. Oh, & the non-prescription eye drops for allergies cleared his eyes right up. Count to ten [do not scream at the school nurse, long as he can go back to school & me, work...all is well]. 

So he made it in this morning just in time for the first of three days of CRCT testing. His first standardized test. Imagine a room of nearly 20 six & seven year-old's required to sit down quietly to take a test for 2 hours straight [for 3 days in a row]. Teaching should be one of the highest paying careers out there, period. Alex would've had to re-take the test with a possible unknown teacher if he had missed today. phew...
I'm off to finish up a couple more things!
♥ -Kat.

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