Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Studious Reflection.

Etsy seems to be a breeding ground for copy cats. Okay, so I was guilty of jumping on the bandwagon while brainstorming ways to work up all of the reclaimed fabric from work.
Like these fabric button earrings. [didn't use up fabric fast enough]
& these burnt-edge poppy bobby pins. [again, didn't up fabric fast enough. they're everywhere. plus, they're too time consuming]

I saw the rolled & gathered fabric flowers, but decided that I'd like to try something not being done [what a concept, right?!].
So that's when I came up with these guys. I haven't noticed anything with this same I was happy. 
Since around last October, I've made the asymmetrical Rosa necklaces. They've been great & well-received.
I've wanted to add some necklace variation that was symmetrical, but I didn't like the look of just one of the flowers [doesn't have the correct weight visually or physically].
So, this is my latest. It's not structurally a bib necklace as each flower is formed like a link, but it's more substantial like the bib necklaces that are everywhere. I'll make these guys 18" long with a 2" chain extension as the standard so it's easily tailored to fit the wearer's build & clothing neckline.

What do you think?!

black/white asymmetrical Rosa necklace available at my shop here
sangria red Rosalind necklace now available here
[both are OOAK - one of a kind]

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