Friday, November 19, 2010

studious reflections. sparkle sensation.

As noted before multiple times: I have serious design a.d.d. issues. 
I love it when I get in a custom request that was an idea in process. One, it means that I'm on the right track with an idea, + two, it probably means I have the supplies on hand!

I've had two of those types of requests this week. The non-flower beaded necklaces [which will also come in longer lengths, too]. And a request for some metallics. Shiny stuff, yay!

My next collection that I've been gathering is going to utilize some great metallics. I've pulled these dreamy matte silve + gold faceted beads that I've been dying to play with. But with a request, I have a bona fide reason to interrupt the previously scheduled studio program to play with something else for a bit. 

I'll follow-up with a post showing how the silver flowers turned out!

Have a great weekend!
♥ -Kat.

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