Wednesday, July 14, 2010

everything under $20 at barrie pace.

Barrie Pace is [was] a high-end catalog apparel company. I am fairly certain I have some pages still stashed from a couple of their catalogs. I assume it's yet another company going under primarily due to economic downturn as there are no specifics on their site beyond that they are officially going out of business.

They still have styles available appropriate for business/ business casual + still a number of dresses available [although in limited sizes / colors]. But still, for under $20, it's worth a look.

Here are a couple of my fav picks:

(lol-this is almost a modern Joan Bennett a la Dark Shadows dress. just a tweak of the hair [& make-up] & you're there! & lightly sarcastic big thanks to mom. most other 30-ish year olds probably don't get that reference...not even the 90's revival version...both of which you got me hooked on)

♥ - Kat.
[images from Barrie Pace newsletter & site]

PS - OMG!! As I was looking at links to tag for Dark Shadows...I saw a little mention that the now famous Tim Burton & Johnny Depp were both fans of the show AND ARE WORKING ON A NEW FILM VERSION! I'm all giddy. I love those two too. I wonder is Helena Bonham Carter will also be in on this one?


Anonymous said...

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Kat - cardinalhouse said...

really, everyone-thanks. i'm glad to be of assistance!

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