Saturday, July 3, 2010

design fix. hotel sax chicago.

One of the great aspects of hospitality design [hotels] for both the designer & guest is that you can temporarily partake in an over-the-top experience. A few years ago, Chicago's House of Blues Hotel was renovated into the Hotel Sax [just before black & white damask prints exploded all over retail America].

Wowsa...look at that mirror! 
Like the domed chair in the back? You can currently find a similar style at Restoration Hardware here.

Of course, I'm somewhat partial to this design & halfway wondered how the designers got hold of my student hospitality project - lol!

haha...& I graduated before the article about the Hotel Sax came out in 2007.

♥ -Kat.

[images of the Hotel Sax Chicago from October 2007 issue of Hospitality Design; other images are all me]

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