Wednesday, May 12, 2010

living in While You Were Sleeping

When I need a fun & light-hearted reference of what my life feels like sometimes, the dinner scene in While You Were Sleeping hits the spot. Feel free to watch the entire clip [approx 10 minutes], but for those not familiar with the scene, it starts at about 4:34 [just drag the slide bar to FF to the time].

I can't believe it's May. It. is. May. Of 2010...I blinked & April was gone! I mean, Alex has a little of a week left of the school year. How did it happen?! Things in my life have not lightened up. Not that I expected a fairy godmother to pop in & take away the stress, but still.

Not even two weeks ago, my immediate co-worker [& dear friend] had to leave work & be taken to ER due to chest pains. It turns out to be stress [we weren't surprised]. For any of you out there that think design is easy-peasy picking out pillows all me...a fight to the death [in debate & examples at least]. A great many design-oriented graduates will end up as sales reps [nothing wrong with that]. It's just that so many watch HGTV & see these fun clips, but don't understand the importance of learning about building codes, architecture or financial details....

Right. rambling. So the same friend's son-in-law had a heart attack over the weekend. He's not even 40 [both JP's daughter + son-in-law are lawyers]. Stress [mainly].

I just read an article via Scoutie Girl regarding one of the guest bloggers parting ways because she was stretching herself too thin & didn't feel that she was giving enough attention to her sons.

That hit so close to home. It's also why I haven't been so active here lately. First & foremost I'm a mom. These days, I'm a single mom. I work full-time in a very demanding & stressful environment. Beyond that, it's quite the juggling act of homework, housework, errands, "quality time", play time, ex + fam, Etsy & here.

I made it a point for this latest New Year's resolutions that I'd make a point to let other things give when times were stressful. Admittedly, I'm horrible about the whole social networking venue & etiquette. That & posting here are the first things to go for me. I just don't know how so many of you do it! I feel horrible at times, because I subscribe to a great many blogs via email.

Okay, I'm wrapping this up. Sort of. I have a list of things that I want to write up about, but good intentions & all that jazz, you know!? Well, if you watched the clip...welcome to my world. First thing Monday mornings during our office meeting armed with only 1 cup of coffee...that's how I feel. Dinner's with the ex + gang...that's how I feel. Family conversations...oh yeah, that is definitely us! & the most important thing to remember in these to sit back & find some humor [& to just politely smile while keeping my mouth shut!]. The extra stress is not worth it.

Take time out for you & repeat "serenity now, serenity now" [Thank you, Seinfeld!]
♥ -Kat.

Baroness Bijoutery, I always love to read your uplifting & humorous posts [often including "Husband of Wonder".
DuhBe, I think it fabulous that you inject a bit a science & astronomy into your posts.
justCHARMING, I always must call you my treasury queen!
Doll, I still LOVE that you managed to get the manly firemen to pose with "dolls"--although [as you write] your doll aren't exactly typical!

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