Saturday, March 27, 2010

this is a round-up. fence series. flowers.

I Will Follow 8x12 by birdandbloke
I had planned on simply picking out some items with fences, but couldn't believe how often fences was tagged. So there will be a couple of these posts seperated into categories!
Flowers up first 'cause I say [write] so:
Top row: fake empire by LaLue429. $5; Clematis by eileenslifer. $45; chicago in the distance by pepography. $25; Dreaming of Spring by TinaLeeStudio. $20.
Second row: Your Not Leaving Here Without Me by mysaturnalia. $15; Poison Berry - Racetrack Road by SolKat. $18; Lavender by JenniferGoico. $15; The Fence by tammiehalcomb. $100.
Third row: gateway by AnnWilkinson. $35; Blooming Roses by TinaLeeStudio. $20; Nita's Garden Gate by PrarieGradenStudio. $20; kentucky urban spring... by mollysteinwald. $15.
Fourth row: CAGED POPPIES by jenjensirene. $4; A Heart for You Valentine on a Fence by glimpsesandremains. $3.50; Dune Fence with Yellow Flowers by alderwood. $29; Undecided Roses by JudiFitzPatrick. $4.

[all images from respective links]

♥ -Kat.

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